ToDo: Simple ToDo List

Simple ToDo List


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Simple ToDo List

How to Operate

Select “ToDo" in the bottom bar to display the ToDo list.
In the ToDo list, press the plus button in the lower right corner to add to the list.
Tapping an item on the list will add a check mark and move that item to the Done list.

Select “Done" in the bottom bar to display the done list.
In the Done list, tapping an item on the list removes the check mark and moves the item to the ToDo list.
Pressing the trash button in the upper right corner of the Done screen will delete all items in the Done list.

The ToDo list and the Done list can be rearranged by long-pressing and dragging.
Tap the menu icon to the right of a list item to edit or delete that item.

Select “Settings" on the bottom bar to open the settings screen.
The Settings screen allows you to customize the dark mode and theme colors.