100 Square Calc [Android, iOS]


“100 Square Calc" is released in Google Play Store.

This is a simple 100 square calculation app that allows you to record on a graph.

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This application is a simple-to-use hundred-square-calculation app.

When solving it, simply press the correct number keys to advance to the next square.

Your solving time is recorded and displayed as a line graph.

You can also check your personal best and average times.

Operating Method

The first screen will show your personal best and average time, along with a graph with your time and date.

Press the gear button in the upper right corner of the first screen to open the settings screen.

In the settings screen, you can delete data and view information about this app.

Pressing the start button on the first screen will start measuring the time and allow you to calculate the number of hundredths.

A blue frame will appear in the square to be entered, and you enter the value which is the sum of the topmost number and the leftmost number of the frame.

If you enter the correct number, you can proceed to the next square.

When all the squares are filled, the time will be displayed.

Clicking the “Record on graph" button will take you back to the first screen and record your time on the graph.


  • If your device has a large width (such as a tablet), the number keys may not be displayed properly.
  • Full-screen advertisements may be displayed at the end of the operation.

Click here to install the app↓

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