Chord Quiz: Learn Piano Chord [iOS, Android]


Chord quiz application to learn chord names and chord component notes.
You can also search chords by chord name or constituent notes.

Chord Quiz: Learn Piano Chord
Chord Quiz: Learn Piano Chord
‎Chord Quiz: Learn Piano Chord
‎Chord Quiz: Learn Piano Chord



  • Chord name quiz (select minor, sevens, etc. with buttons)
  • Chord component note quiz (select notes on piano keyboard)
  • Up to 357 chord questions (21 root notes x 17 chord types)
  • Chord sound playback
  • Chord search (search by chord name or component notes)
  • Chord detail page (check chord type, component notes, inversion form)
  • Quiz settings (time limit, waiting time, number of questions, root note of question, chord of question, inversion form, keyboard order)
  • Customization (dark mode, theme color)
  • Simple design compliant with Material Design
Chord Name Quiz
Chord Notes Quiz
Quiz Settings
Chord List & Search
Chord Detail

How to Operate

There are two types of quizzes: chord name quiz and chord component note quiz.
There are up to 357 chord questions each (21 root notes x 17 chords).

Tap “Chord Name Quiz" or “Chord Notes Quiz", then tap “Start" or “Random" to start quiz.
If you tap “Start", only the questions you haven’t answered correctly so far will be shown.
If you tap “Random", all questions will be selected.

In quiz screen, you can input your answer by tapping chord name button or piano keyboard.
Also, you can listen to the sound of the chord by tapping speaker icon in the upper right corner.

When you enter the correct answer or the time limit expires, the sound of the submitted chord will be played and you will go to the next question automatically.

When the quiz is finished, the number of correct answers and the questions that were submitted will be displayed.
If you tap a question list, you can listen to its chord sound.

If you tap “Chords List", you can open Chord List page.

You can search by chord name by tapping search icon in upper right corner, or by chord note by tapping piano icon.

If you search by chord name or chord note, you can see partial matches (not exact matches).

You can enter # for sharp, b for flat.

And you can check the inversions by tapping list.

In this App, the types of codes are as follows.

  • Major
  • Minor
  • Augmented
  • Diminished
  • Sus2
  • Sus4
  • Dominant 7th
  • Augmented 7th
  • Diminished 7th
  • Major 7th
  • Minor 7th
  • Dominant 7♭5
  • Minor 7th ♭5
  • Diminished Maj 7th
  • Minor-Major 7th
  • 6th
  • Minor 6th

Tap Settings icon in upper right corner to open Settings screen.
You can set the time limit, number of questions, and audio on/off.
Also, you can limit the root notes and chord types for questions.
In addition, you can delete the app data and view information about this app.

Chord Quiz: Learn Piano Chord
Chord Quiz: Learn Piano Chord
‎Chord Quiz: Learn Piano Chord
‎Chord Quiz: Learn Piano Chord