Screen Recorder App – ScRec


This is a simple screen recorder app.

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Features of ScRec

This app is narrowed down the setting items to four, so you can operate it easily.

Setting Items

Size (Resolution)

Size (Resolution) can be selected from 100%, 75%, and 50%.

For example, if your device has a 1080×1920 display, selecting 50% will record in a size of 540×960.

FPS (Frame rate)

Frame rate can be selected from 30fps and 60fps.

Quality (Bit rate)

Quality can be selected from Highest, High, Medium, and Low.

Quality is determined by the bit rate value.

In this app, the bit rate value is determined by the following formula
Bit rate (bps) = BPP (Bits Per Pixel) x Frame rate x width x height

The BPP value ​​is set to 0.2 for Highest, 0.15 for High, 0.1 for Medium, and 0.05 for Low.

For example, if your device has a 1080×1920 display and you set the Video size to 100%, the Frame rate to 30fps, and the Quality to High, the bit rate (bps) will be
0.15 x 30 (fps) x 1080 x 1920 = 9,331,200 (≒ 9Mbps)

The higher the bit rate, the better the quality, but the larger the amount of video data.

Audio (MIC)

The internal audio is not recorded, only recorded is the external audio picked up from the microphone.

This audio recording can be turned on or off by a switch in the settings.

Output Folder

You can check the recorded video from photo/video viewing applications such as Google Photos because the video is saved to DCIM folder.


  • If you want to record on the horizontal screen, set this application (ScRec) to the horizontal screen and start recording.
  • Please do not delete this application (ScRec) from the application history during screen recording.
  • A full-screen advertisement is often displayed at the end of recording.
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