Cursive v3.1.1 Updates


  • Added a feature to change the font size of cursive
  • Enabled the system’s back operation by default
  • Added a feature to enable/disable the system’s back operation
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Details of Key Updates

Feature to Change the Font Size of Cursive

In the settings screen, tapping “Font Size" allows you to change the font size of cursive text using a slider.

The default font size is set to 250.

If the cursive text does not fit within the screen width, it will be displayed at a smaller font size that fits within the screen width.

Feature to Enable/Disable the System’s Back Operation

The system’s back operation (back button at the bottom of the device, swipe from the edge of the screen to go back) was previously disabled on screens displaying cursive texts, but it has been enabled in this version.

If the system’s back operation interferes with writing cursive texts, you can turn off the system’s back operation in the settings screen.